What type of toilets are accessible?

It's surprising exactly how many toilet plans are accessible, so to make things less demanding for you, we explain each type underneath.

Close coupled toilets

The most prevalent type, close coupled toilets arrive in a variety of styles including traditional and contemporary to suit any bathroom. They are anything but difficult to install contrasted with different outlines and the most moderate.


A close coupled toilet is the place the reservoir is associated with the container, which makes one streamlined unit that disguises pipework. Most have an open-back plan, where you can see the waste pipe if you look down the side, but for a neater finish, settle on a toilet with a completely flush to wall outline.

There are comfort height toilets as well. This is the place the dish is higher than standard, which makes this style perfect for the individuals who are less portable or tall.

Wall hung toilets

Wall hung toilets are perfect for adding quick, contemporary style to a modern bathroom and for enhancing a feeling of space. Again, the reservoir is covered in the wall behind, so the container seems to coast, this boosts floor space and makes cleaning less demanding as well.


To finish your wall hung toilet installation you should purchase a casing and hid storage, so try to the spending plan for these items when planning your new bathroom.

Back to wall toilets

A back-to-wall toilet is perfect for creating a slick and clean look and is the place the reservoir is covered up in the wall behind or in an uncommonly outlined furniture unit, leaving the dish on the show.


Furniture units are awesome, as the space on top can be used to show beautiful items or as additional capacity for toiletries. Most vanity units have matching storage units accessible to guarantee a coordinated look.

You will require a covered reservoir to finish your back-to-wall toilet installation. If you don't fit the reservoir in the wall, at that point, you should consider spending plan for a furniture unit also.

High level toilets


A high level toilet is like a low level one, but the container is fitted at a significantly higher level. The container and storage are associated with a long, chrome flush pipe, with a force chain to operate the flush. This style makes a definitive traditional look.

Low level toilets


A low level toilet is a place the reservoir is fitted to the wall and associated with the skillet by a chrome flush pipe. If you need to make a traditional bathroom, at that point, this style is perfect.

Need to fit your new toilet? At that point look at how to install a toilet.